Well I have just registered my 7drl: “splitter”.

Basically the game is going to have two screens, side by side, so two dungeon views, two message logs and so on. When you press a key, it’s sent to both “games”. The two characters (red @ and blue @) will be in totally different dungeons and never meet. (Well, I say “never”…)

I was inspired by those videos on youtube of people doing speedruns of things like two different final fantasy games at once with linked controls. I thought maybe the strategy involved in a roguelike could be interesting.

And yes, it’s not just movement controls. If you want to drink a potion in your bag, if the other guy has a potion that will be drunk by him too.

Making this balanced is going to be a real challenge and I’m not fully confident that I will be able to, but I will try.

Here’s the original video that inspired me, it’s final fantasy v and vi on the snes, with linked controls:

In fact I think it’s not done in real time, but it’s still very cool.

Here’s a puzzly robot game I found on youtube that uses linked controls:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMgN3t9mD28 You play in the same space though.