Today was a lot more disappointing than yesterday.

1 Added stairs down. Can’t find them!
2 Added full screen map so I can find stairs.
3 You can actually use the stairs to descend. (No up stairs as per normal for
laziness of coding).
4 Different colour schemes for different levels. Not all of them defined yet
because it takes a while to pick good colours and I’m feeling the time pressure.
5 Changed how my map was drawing because it was inefficient. Fixed a bug in the
redrawing too.
6 Spent far too long messing around with different colour combinations, most of
which burn your retinas out horribly.
7 Wasted vast amounts of time writing classes for items and monsters that were
way too sophisticated and complicated to get working in the time available.
I mean things like monsters with inventories and they can pick up and use items
and weapons and so on.

Tomorrow I’ll try to be more realistic. I can always add more detail to things later.

Below: Colour scheme variant that won’t be staying, and the new map screen:

Nasty colour scheme

The new map screen