1 Fixed Progress bar – was broken (Used for hp/mp/xp).
2 Fixed a nasty message log bug that’s been on my todo list almost since the start.
3 Wrote a combat system. tried hard to make it fair and balanced but to be honest a few
hours isn’t enough to work it out. I should have worked it out before the week started.
4 Now the player can die! I added a game over screen involving real-time dithering even
though I could just pre-dither it! Thousands of cpus will spend a tiny extra bit of
energy dithering it! Actually though, the delay helps the screen not get insta-skipped by
key press, which is a problem which should be easy to fix but blah blah blah I can’t hear
5 Probably the wrong time to do this, but implemented 3 different resolutions and choice
of fullscreen or windowed: 640×360, 1280×720, 1920×1080. The screen is always 80×45 chars
in all resolutions, and never blurrily scaled; it’s either 1x 2x or 3x pixel zooming.
On my particular setup the 640×360 fullscreen doesn’t fill the screen and does something
nasty with blurry rescaling, but I can’t help that.
6 Player can now fight back. Since most of the combat is now done, in fact all of it that
matters at that start (e.g. you have no armour and cool items) it’s become clear the game
is SRSLY, SRSLY HARD. I’ve taken out the monsters I had, which were things like giant
rats with 2 claw attacks per round (that is seriously OP for level 1!) and put in tame
zoo animals like bats and beetles and stuff. Even so it’s freakin’ hard still.
7 Resting is in. You get 10% of your hp and mp back per turn. It’s still viciously hard.
8 Fixed formatting of numbers on interface.
9 I put in code for objects- at least seeing them on the floor, and a routine to drop a corpse
when a mob dies, but it doesn’t seem to work yet. If that had worked and I had also got the mobs
in fov noted in the little visible stuff window then I would have achieved all of today’s goals.
It was certainly close.



Game over screen.