day 6

1 Got corpses dropping. It properly displays a red star instead of a black percent when
there are two corpses on a tile, which looks like a gib pool but it just a generic
mechanism to indicate multiple objects in one place.
2 Added simulated light falloff from an imaginary torch the player is carrying. It makes
zero difference to gameplay but it looks nicer than flat colour. I think, at least.
3 Big Problems: I was intending to empty my listbox control and add each item and mob
found when calculating FOV once per turn, to make a nice little “stuff visible” area.
This turns out to be very time consuming, making the game very sluggish. Thinking…
4 Turned out I was emptying and filling the info box once per cell, not per turn,
(i’m a chakabops) so info box now fills and displays. It’s a good way of noticing a mob
has appeared in your “other” window.
5 Fixed all three remaining bugs on the message log. If I’d had time to test my textual
user interface more before 7drl I wouldn’t have had to, but I was writing it right up to
the wire.
6 You can now pick things up. I was going to make a little window so you could choose what
to pickup but it has to appear on both sides at the same time and the way I really
separated the two virtual games makes it too hard to put this in at the moment, so I
settled for “space attempts to pick up the first thing that is not utterly useless”.
(Corpses are utterly useless)
7 Added some vendortrash items to the dungeon to the dungeon to test picking stuff up
8 Added Inventory screen and clicking header tab buttons swaps views. Some bugs though. Now
9 Fiddled with Pango Text User Interface engine again, this time to allow me to change
the colour of buttons so I can indicate which mode is in effect in your little info box
to the right of the map.
10. Added level up screen. Not quite done yet.

New lighting, inventory, objects and mobs in view window

Not quite finished level up screen with radiobuttons.