day 7

“Finished” Product

1 finished level up screen
2 It’s all slowing down now. Finding more problems in the text interface engine,
feeling burned out, frustrated. Don’t think it will be finished in time. Annoyed
3 Now when I descend levels Visual Studio is saying it hit a breakpoint and stopping.
It’s not a user breakpoint, it’s some kind of runtime exception but it’s hard to debug.
The despair is mounting, since it seems I’m going backwards.
I still need ranged combat for player and mobs, random loot, ability to equip things
and a proper endgame. I also did plan to have skilltrees but I abandoned those ages ago
when I didn’t seem to have time.
4 Fixed the corruption but I need to eat, I’m getting tired and I’m running out of time.

–went to sleep–

5 Wrote routine to generate random items. I love the names it produces:

Rare footwear: Poulaines of the Pangolin CON+3
Normal headgear: Unswaying helmet CON+1
Normal earring: Evasive Dangler AGI+1

6. Everything went a bit panic-filled now as I got more and more stressed and tried to implement equipment picking up and putting on. In the end I had to cheat and make it so you auto-wear anything you pick up, even if that means wearing 14 pairs of gloves.

So here’s the final file:

Splitter 7DRL2013 by graspee bugfix 1

Was it a success or a fail? I can’t decide.

You can move round the dungeon, there’s random loot to pickup which boosts your stats automatically, there’s mobs to fight which are easy on the first two levels (easy is relative) then much harder later. The monsters scale with dungeon level too. You can descend levels and the colour scheme changes (maybe should have taken that out). There’s no end though.

What did I want to put in but didn’t have time for?

Ranged combat for player and mobs
Magic system
Usable items like scrolls and potions with identify guessing game.
Skill tree with three trees: Warrior/Paladin, Thief/Rogue and Mage/Priest.
Endgame on level 11 where red player and blue player are finally on the same map and must join forces to battle the lich. The lich has three phases and in one of them he split himself as he split you. *spoiler!* Make sure to forget that if I ever get the game finished.