I decided to keep track of which other RL games from the 7drl I have tried that I like. I’ll keep updating this post so it will never be “finished” as
such. I’m not mentioning bad ones, but if I don’t mention yours it doesn’t
mean it’s bad.

Like a Rogue by rogue.games

It’s another dungeon master style game with really cool lighting and ambient style music. Love it.

Rodney by Slash

Great game

Lovely-looking letters. Non-square ASCII doesn’t detract from the game. The skills are well done and the game is challenging.

Rogue’s Eye by Paul Jeffries

Cute Maus

This is awesome- it’s like dungeon master, which is very roguelike, from a certain point of view. (The view being first person); You get to fight many times maus. They call it a Giant Rat but don’t be fooled- it’s a cute maus.

Rogue Dream by Zhamul

Weird dream chicken.

This is essentially another dungeon master-like game but you have freelook with the camera and the graphics are more hi-res. It’s still good but not quite as good in feel as Rogue’s Eye. Maybe I just suck at it – it does seem quite tough, and I didn’t get far.

Dungeon-X by grimm bros

dungeon x

It was made by a team and it shows. Music, sound effects, proper artwork. Very professional. [edit] It has come to light that a lot of the graphics, music and sound effects were pre-existing, before the 7drl though. Although it doesn’t break any rules, the combination of pre-existing assets, the fact that it’s a team effort, and the fact that they are a commercial company trying to get established have lead myself and some others to wonder just how much of a “7drl sprint oh wow guys we are all in this together” this really was, and how much of a seized marketing opportunity.

And they put an End User Licence Agreement in their zip! It tells you all that normal crap about how you can’t disassemble it and limitations of liability and so forth. I don’t think they really get the point of 7DRL…