These are just bug fixes that fix crashes and critical errors.

Splitter bugfix2 7DRL2013 by graspee


The game was giving you a free rest cycle after you’d picked up an item, leading to you filling your hp or mp when you picked up an item with + those things on.
Fixed message log again. This time it was bits of old text showing up once you looped round the length of the buffer. I did have a fix in place for it but I’d made a mistake in it.
Fixed bug where you would level up but it wouldn’t turn off key handling and because you are holding down the key to repeatedly bump the monster you would end up trashing the level up screen so you couldn’t see it.
Game was still expecting game over screen to be in an absolute location on my hd and therefore crashing

Older files:
Splitter 7DRL2013 by graspee bugfix 1

Splitter 7DRL2013 by graspee