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7DRL 2014: Sucker: LP of finished game. (tziken win!)

I did a Let’s Play of my own game. It’s in 2 parts as I got interrupted, but it’s the same run.

There are 10 levels and on each level you can optionally rescue Princess Broom, which I didn’t do very much. On the last level you just exit the level to claim “normal win”, but if you exit with the Golden Tziken that’s a “tziken win”. I actually made it but I was pretty scared at the end.

What I discovered:

My game is pretty easy actually. Once you know what you’re doing you will probably only die if you either make a mistake by rushing or pressing the wrong button, or you get kind of ambushed by enemies round a corner. Once you have gone past 100 turns and the rabbits start gating in though it’s kind of down to the RNG how many you get over time and if the rabbit gate is near the exit you need to leave through. You can make things more challenging by making it a necessity to rescue Broom on each level which means you have to hunt around for the second key and take more chances.


7DRL 2014: Sucker day 7 and “suck”sess.

RUNNING THE GAME WARNING: Looks like despite my not-so-best efforts you will need to download the microsoft visual studio 2013 redistributable:
Sorry about that. Anyone running modern games from e.g. steam on the pc should already have them installed so try the game first to see if it works.

Very tired now.

Added on last day: Imps dropping fire when killed; a variety of fire features, extra space rabbits gating in and shooting you, volume control for music and sound effects (F1-F4 in game), options are saved for sound levels, fullscreen/windowed, resolution and defined keys.

7DRL 2014: Sucker Day 5

You can now blow mobs out of your vacuum weapon at other mobs to kill them (unless they are right next to you). Mobs now get a ! icon when they notice you and then they start to ruthlessly A* to your ass and beat it and you can die. (In the video it looks like I have one heart left when I die because it didn’t update the screen).

Independent Entity Princess Spacealina Broom can be rescued from the broom cupboard and he (sic) walks around doing a whole lot of not very much. Maybe he thinks he’s a gelatinous cueb.

2 days left, a fair bit of things to do to even be able to call this a success but I’m confident.

7DRL 2014: Sucker Day 4

Day started with hours wasted fixing something I broke trying to make the code neater.

Added sucking stuff into vacuum. Took me way longer than it should have done. Like a man with chronic constipation I was lying on my bed trying to work it out with a pencil.

Added mob corpses.

Couple of sprite tweaks and other code rejiggles.

7DRL 2014: “Sucker” End of Day 3

Lots of coding. Items now in which you can pick up. You can unlock the broom cupboard and the exit. Different random mobs are there and you can even 1 hit kill them if you find a sword.

Items on 1 level: 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 keys and 3 random items from the pool: (batteries, shield, stopwatach, sword, medpack, junk) (can be dupes).

Some new sprites and some changes to existing ones. Got the mechanics of the game totally straight now I think. (There were some vague – “what will happen if you do X” scenarios before).

Bonus video of sword action and “Cartman impression”

7drl 2014: “Sucker”: End of Day 2

Here’s a new video showing progress after day 2 on Sucker: my #7DRL Spoiler: sound!

I worked for a long time yesterday but didn’t seem to get that much done. I added the music and sound although the provision for playing the sounds was already mostly there in the code.

I drew a few new sprites that I needed, mainly for the UI.

I added a new “player is stealthed” outline sprite and made it appear when you’re totally in the dark (a place in which I find myself quite often – wow hahaha, much droll).

I rearranged a lot of the code to make it easier to work with and because it was annoying me.

Not much to show for today’s long hours though since most of the sprites were made yesterday and there no new ACTUAL GAMEPLAY.

Starting day 3 now. Beginning to get more nervous about not finishing.


7drl 2014: “Sucker”: End of Day 1

I put in 8.5 hours on the first day. Some of that was minor coding, setting up new branch on github and so on, but most was designing sprites, which I reveal below. If you are bothered in being fresh to the game and not having any mechanics or things spoiled then you probably shouldn’t look at them. But you’re going to anyway.




I also “designed” a title screen. This would be a lot easier if more people put creative commons licence text on their sites. I suspect a lot of people don’t mind people using their photos but just cba mentioning that. I could email people for permission but eff that, jibber jabbers: I’m here for the cake.



Here’s what “gameplay” looks like with the new sprites. Bats! Why did it have to be bats?!?