<img src=”http://i.imgur.com/NxlxM3g.png&#8221; alt=”Moop approaches!” />

Pleased with the work done today. A _lot_ of bugs and coding done, starting off with making the “effect” class and collection then a mob class and collection, then drawing the timegrid, showing which effects are in play, the hp of player and monsters, and most importantly showing the beats of who gets to act when in a step sequencer kind of a way.

The main thing done today was the actual Time Engine, which sounds very H.G.Wells. Basically it just handles letting every actor act when they are supposed to. Yesterday the mobs were just statically drawn on the map, as were effects and all you could do is walk around and pick up patches (powerupus) (and it used makeshift old style rl turns). Today the effects move about it as you move and everything is precisely controlled by the beat, and the mobs are real entities that can easily be made to move tomorrow.

The way the turns work is like this. In the timegrid you can see going across are 16 beats. The leftmost one represents the current turn and each one to the right after that is one turn in the future. Going down we have different actors: first the player, then up to 4 effects (coloured squares that provide an effect if standing on them), then mobs. On the current turn we first see if the player can move, and if he can we wait for him, then we see if the effects can move, then the mobs.

The player is set to move once every 4 turns; effects are random from 1 (every turn they move) to 8; mobs are set by their type so skeleton type things are fast fighters and move more often than big heavy things. Mobs and effects are offset by a random amount to make it more interesting but the player always starts with his act on the first beat: act no no no act no no no etc.

If the player using wait advanced him to his next beat it would be a bit dull and his attacks would not vary much, as the wave you can see at the top controls your damage. You would always be going forward 4 steps each time. So what happens is that wait moves you forward 1 beat only and then you can take your turn again, i.e. your turns look like “act no no no act no no no”- you hit wait and then instead of sitting out for this turn and the next three and then getting to act again, it moves the beat forward by one and it’s “act no no no act no no no” again.

I’m quite sanguine about this game getting finished, where I was doubtful earlier in the week.