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Synthesizer day 2

moop is still bear

Didn’t get as much today as I would have liked. I chopped out all the code from my base unity roguelike engine that I didn’t need like FOV and lighting and such and printed some game things where they are supposed to go on the main board. Wasted a lot of time humming and ha-ing about exactly how many items, mobs and walls to have. The board seemed very small (8×8).

Link for full size image:


7DRL 2015 “Synthesizer” End of Day 1

Main screen turn on.

Started at 9pm on Saturday. Drew all art assets for game. Took all day! Literally all of 16 hours minus about 2 hours combined meal times.

Part of what took a long time was the fiddly nature of the controls I was drawing, plus having to fit everything on the screen was hard, and note down all the positions of everything and draw controls in various positions. I was making game design decisions as part of designing the screen. There are some sprites not shown on the picture, which is just the main screen before you have started playing.

Link to see full size image if it’s not behaving itself: