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Skater 7DRL 2016 Success

Itch has web player version (use firefox!) and also has downloads of my game for windows, mac and linux. Last year’s game (synthesizer) is up there on the same account if you poke about.

Readme.txt in zip of windows download only, sorry, forgot to add it to mac and linux so reproduced below.

Let’s Pango by pango: (has basically all the info about how the game works, so you may not want to watch it if you like to be unspoiled; game is still challenging when you know everything).


GAME ONLY WORKS IN 1280X720. I apologise

I’ll have a video up tomorrow some time on how to play. Check

redefine keys in unity launcher or use defaults:
enter num pad to start game, numpad keys incl. diags to move
movement is skating and a bit weird and rotationallllllly.
press the exact opposite of the way you’re facing to “stop”
your speed affects things like if you bump an obstacle at speed you crash
and mob vs. mob combat uses speed.

aim of game is to clear 10 levels
to get off each level find the warp beads then head to the warp gate!


Skater 7DRL 2016 End of day 6 video

I show off the progress at the end of day 6. Highlights: Douglas, annoying snow, warp beads.

End of Day 5

I worked hard today but it seems all I have is skating and broken mobs.

End of Day 4 Video

All that’s new is title screen, lanterns outside buildings. Still no skating!

Skater 7DRL 2016 End of Day 3 Video

Map Generation almost finished.

Skater: End of Day 2

Today I was supposed to get map gen finished but I didn’t. The game looks like it’s doing well but it’s mainly because I’m using an engine prototype I developed before last year’s 7DRL so I have a lot of code in it.

Here’s a screenshot: I’m using coherent noise to divide the world up into water, thin ice, ice and snow, then various techniques to place objects on the map. Lights are semi-ugly but I don’t have the time to mess around with them too much.

skater day 2

Skater: End of Day 1: 129 Sprites Made

I put off starting my game almost to the last minute where I could still get the full week: I’m scared of failure and the pressure gets to me somewhat. I do enjoy it though.

So day 1 ends and I have made 129 16×16 sprites. After a false start where I was outlining everything in dark grey I settled on only outlining a few things: 16×16 is too small to outline everything as the lines are so thick.

Some of the sprites I’m proud of, some I’m ashamed of and may re-do, most are average to decent.

Samples of the better ones