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Settler 7DRL 2017 end of day 7 Success!


Settler 7DRL 2017 [168h ver] [Windows]

Wow. I always feel so drained a the end of 7DRL. There I was, madly coding trade routes into the game with minutes to spare.

I’ll be doing let’s plays and answering questions and testing (haha) the game tomorrow but for now here’s a windows zip with instructions inside it and a screenshot.

There may be a bug to do with deploying mobs from a city where the city says it has nowhere to deploy a mob and it’s lying. I’ll look into it tomorrow and see if it’s the kind of thing I can fix and still call it the 168h version or not.

7DRL 2017 Settler end of day 6

Yeah, the mobs I have built are not supposed to attack me. Need to code the “AI” tomorrow. 1 day left.

7DRL Settler end of day 5

Lot of work done today but the only things ticked off list are cities growing and more info on tooltips ; ;

7DRL 2017 Settler end of day 4

Progress is slower than I would like. There seem to be no end of data structures to set up and so much game logic. I’m having doubts about whether the game will be “balanced” in the end, too. I really won’t be able to tell until it’s basically finished though because it needs all parts to be working.

Some other guy said you had to click on his animated gif to see it play, so same goes for mine!

7DRL 2016 Settler end of day 3

End of Day 3. Did a lot of data structures and stuff today. Also resources are placed, tile yields are worked out. You can toggle resources being displayed and all tile yields. Default is resources on and yields off because yields for every square is a bit much. Also each tile’s yield shows on mouseover anyway. Barbarian camps and citadel (like boss city) are placed and also city states, which basically exist to sell your resources to, via traders.

Couldn’t be bothered writing a text input control so had to make a list of city names which was fun at least.

7DRL 2017: Settler Day 2

Title screen done. Map gen done. I could spend the rest of the week tweaking the map gen and fixing various things but eh, it’ll do.

Still on course to finish in time but who knows…

7DRL 2017: Settler Day 1

12 hours to draw 120 sprites, some of which look like something.