I did a Let’s Play of my own game. It’s in 2 parts as I got interrupted, but it’s the same run.

There are 10 levels and on each level you can optionally rescue Princess Broom, which I didn’t do very much. On the last level you just exit the level to claim “normal win”, but if you exit with the Golden Tziken that’s a “tziken win”. I actually made it but I was pretty scared at the end.

What I discovered:

My game is pretty easy actually. Once you know what you’re doing you will probably only die if you either make a mistake by rushing or pressing the wrong button, or you get kind of ambushed by enemies round a corner. Once you have gone past 100 turns and the rabbits start gating in though it’s kind of down to the RNG how many you get over time and if the rabbit gate is near the exit you need to leave through. You can make things more challenging by making it a necessity to rescue Broom on each level which means you have to hunt around for the second key and take more chances.