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7drl 2014: “Sucker”: End of Day 2

Here’s a new video showing progress after day 2 on Sucker: my #7DRL Spoiler: sound!

I worked for a long time yesterday but didn’t seem to get that much done. I added the music and sound although the provision for playing the sounds was already mostly there in the code.

I drew a few new sprites that I needed, mainly for the UI.

I added a new “player is stealthed” outline sprite and made it appear when you’re totally in the dark (a place in which I find myself quite often – wow hahaha, much droll).

I rearranged a lot of the code to make it easier to work with and because it was annoying me.

Not much to show for today’s long hours though since most of the sprites were made yesterday and there no new ACTUAL GAMEPLAY.

Starting day 3 now. Beginning to get more nervous about not finishing.


7drl 2014: “Sucker”: End of Day 1

I put in 8.5 hours on the first day. Some of that was minor coding, setting up new branch on github and so on, but most was designing sprites, which I reveal below. If you are bothered in being fresh to the game and not having any mechanics or things spoiled then you probably shouldn’t look at them. But you’re going to anyway.




I also “designed” a title screen. This would be a lot easier if more people put creative commons licence text on their sites. I suspect a lot of people don’t mind people using their photos but just cba mentioning that. I could email people for permission but eff that, jibber jabbers: I’m here for the cake.



Here’s what “gameplay” looks like with the new sprites. Bats! Why did it have to be bats?!?



7drl 2014: “Sucker”: Starting Work Soon

So it’s that time of year again. 

My 7DRL this year is called “Sucker” and it’s kind of like Spelunky, without platforms but with a vacuum thing. You go round levels and optionally rescue someone, while looking for the exit, collecting treasure and items that may help you. 


There are monsters but combat is more puzzley than combatty. You have this vacuum thing with a chamber in it. You can suck things up that are one square away from you, and spit the top item out to one square away from you. Every 5 turns you can do super-suck or super-blow if you want. Super suck sucks something up from across the room and super blow blows something out across the room.


For full disclosure I am starting with an existing roguelike engine that I have been working on. It’s c++ with SDL and it has sprites and text; you can move about; there’s dungeon generation and lighting; kobolds are randomly drawn in there and do nothing. There’s pathfinding code available etc. It’s all generic though.



I’ve put a video up showing the engine moving too.


You can follow this project on this blog, on the youtube channel that video is on, and you can get the source code from github if you’re brave, but there’s no guarantee that it will work or be easy to use before the end of the 7drl.


Official start time: 6pm Sunday 9th March.


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